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About Julius Meinl


Julius Meinl is an Austrian family company and has been the global ambassador of Vienna’s beloved coffee house culture for more than 150 years. The internationally successful brand is based on traditional values: five generations of coffee expertise, premium-quality products and excellent, personalised engagement on quality, values that are no longer a certainty these days. Julius Meinl is a global ambassador for Viennese coffee culture and today inspires people all over the world, just as the coffee house literati did in days gone by. Restaurants and business customers in more than 70 countries rely on Julius Meinl coffee and tea. The company already ranks among the top 3 premium coffee brands in over 40 countries. Julius Meinl is the market leader for hotels, restaurants and cafes in Austria, CEE, Adriatic, Russia, Dubai and Australia


Coffee Blends


The Originals Vienna XVI


100% Arabica blend with a classic delicate Viennese taste. With the traditional Viennese roast, the flavours of different origins have been harmoniously combined, giving the blend strength and richness.


Bean Type: Arabica

Roast Level: 5

Aroma: Hazelnut & Floral

Crema: Very Persistent

Flavour: Chocolate sweetness with rich creamy flavours


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The Originals - Red Door

A treat of strong and modern character, yet with a balanced indulgent taste. Four origins are selected and carefully roasted till the first crack so that the uniqueness of all the origins can be fully expressed; to give it a refreshing fruity brightness with a hint of spice.


Bean Type: Arabica

Roast Level: 2  

Aroma: Citrus & spice

Crema: Smooth & delicate

Flavour: Milk chocolaty & roasted almond


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1862 Premium

This exquisite blend, based on a secret recipe, brings together the finest 100% Arabica beans of carefully selected origins. Those origins guarantee a unique taste experience; a perfect blend of chocolaty sweetness with fine notes and fullness of body.  This coffee is outstanding both in terms of taste and in its fine, velvety crema, pleasing the eye of the guests. It’s a real symphony for the senses.


Bean Type: Arabica

Roast Level: 5

Aroma: Very rich, full and round with spicy notes

Crema: Fine & very velvet

Flavour: Persistent blend with chocolaty taste & soft, longlasting aftertaste

Qty/pack: 3 kg


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Bar Speciale

An intense coffee with a strong but well-balanced body. This rich experience is brought by a complex, the precisely balanced composition of various origins, each of which brings a unique touch and enriches the recipe.


Bean Type: Arabica   Robusta

Roast Level: 5

Aroma: Spicy & floral

Crema: Very velvety & fine

Flavour: Soft aftertaste, very chocolaty & sweet

Qty/pack: 1 kg


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Crema Espresso Italiano

Crema Espresso Italiano is a typical Italian blend composed of finest Arabica and Robusta beans from South and Central America and India. The special roasting in Vicenza, our Italian plant, gives this coffee an authentic Italian aroma and brings about a very round and balanced flavour with a persistent aftertaste.


Bean Type: Arabica Robusta

Roast Level: 3 

Aroma: Delicate

Crema: Very rich & velvet with intense nutty colour

Flavour: Very round & balanced with persistent aftertaste

Qty/pack: 1 kg


Crema Products


This blend is hardly different from “real” coffee. Gently decaffeinated and finely roasted, it unfolds a well-balanced flavour, soft and recalling cereals. The special composition of mostly premium Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America, together with a touch of Robusta produces a very velvety crema.


Bean Type: Arabica   Robusta

Roast Level: 3  

Aroma: Rich & full

Crema: Very velvet

Flavour: Soft & recalling cereals

Qty/pack: 1 kg


Meinl Products



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1862 Premium


Julius Meinl 1862 Premium New is an exquisite blend, based on a secret recipe created with the UTZ sustainability certification, consisting of carefully selected, 100% Highland Arabica beans from the best coffee-growing areas of Brazil and East Africa. Those origins guarantee a unique taste experience; a perfect blend of chocolaty sweetness with fine notes and a fullness of body. Complemented with a superior-quality concept it is designed for hotels, restaurants, cafés and other fine establishments that want to offer their guests a sensational coffee experience of the highest possible level. The striking design was created by the famous designer Matteo Thun making this concept an absolute eye-catcher for any location.


La Marzocca & Julius Meinl

  We’ve joined forces with La Marzocco, and other partners, to make your specialty coffee experience truly sublime. The Linea PB, a heavy-duty workhorse, represents a new level of performance, reliability and craftsmanship. In combination with our customized training for your team, it ensures that you’ll get the best out of the best beans, every time.

The Linea PB features the iconic La Marzocco polished stainless‑steel body, updated with simplified lines and a lower profile.  It’s equipped with exclusive, user-friendly interface software that gives the barista direct control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot-water tap dose, automatic back-flush and other options. The Linea PB’s lower profile and increased work area also make it practical without abandoning world-renowned Italian design. The machine comes with high‑quality walnut‑handled portafilters.




Our amazing coffees are crafted through the constant care of coffee artisans. However, this isn’t something that started yesterday or the day before. It has involved five generations of our family history and the passion of our hardworking people.


Our small-lot roasted blends and single-origins come together with the fascinating stories of farmers, roasters and baristas who, with their special expertise, have helped create them. These are our bean stories. We’re proud to share them with you, as each one sheds light on how THE ORIGINALS attains its unique character and unforgettable taste. We hope these stories will impress and inspire coffee lovers around the world.